Treatment center Alfa Fredensborg

Daily treatment for alcohol and drug users

Alfa-Fredensborg's inpatient treatment for abusers started in 2003 and we consider abuse as a kind of "solution" to handle various complex issues. When this "solution" is no longer needed, it will be possible to live without problems with drugs or alcohol. Alfa-Fredensborg is approved for treatment by: SEL § 101, SEL § 107, SEL § 66 No. 5 and SUL § 141.

The professional therapist will help you with detoxification, stabilization, care and drug-free treatment. We are especially good at helping double-minded addicts with problems PTSD, criminality, prostitution, abuse issues, depression og anxiety.

You can read about ours treatment here on the offer portal.

The treatment center is located just outside Fredensborg town in North Zealand and contains both detoxification and drug-free treatment.

The rooms are decorated as single rooms and have locks on the door, TV and furniture, in addition we have linens and towels ready for you when you arrive. A kind of hotel with built-in therapy.

The 24-hour treatment is known for its good spirit and the homely coziness, qualities that both residents and staff cherish. The buildings that form the framework of the place have originally functioned as a school home and are therefore also suitable as a 24-hour treatment for abusers. The old buildings and the decor of the place, together with the methods, contribute to the good atmosphere in the house. Alfa-Fredensborg is rated for 28 persons in 24-hour stays and there are 1700 m2 area in the 2 buildings.

The park that surrounds the 1700m2 buildings is 19.000XX and contains playground, outdoor gym, soccer field, a little forest and large grassland. In the local community you will find Fredensborg Castle, by and Esrum Lake. The residents of the place benefit from the local environment in Fredensborg which allows them to be in 24-hour treatment, without losing all contact with everyday life's ordinary chores such as. shopping, library, training, city life etc.

Drug abuse and alcoholism

The basics of our offer are 24-hour treatment for abusers of both drugs and alcohol, but those who undergo our treatment course are very different and have different needs, which we work purposefully to accommodate. The only thing the residents have in common is their problem of stopping or managing their abuse on their own.

Our starting point is that we are all different. The only thing the residents of Alfa-Fredensborg have in common is that they try to make their lives meaningful by means of drugs or alcohol. This paradoxical lifestyle has brought many addicts on the collision course with the criminal care, hospitals, friends, employers and the family. At Alfa-Fredensborg, we offer treatment, thus helping to handle abuse and consequences of this.

If you are looking for a professional day care where religion not Are involved with the treatment methods, then this is definitely the place.

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Substance Abuse Treatment

Almost everyone who arrives at Alfa-Fredensborg has even tried to stop their abuse, but they have not been able to cope alone. Therefore, they choose 24-hour treatment for abusers with detoxification or detoxification to begin with.


Daily life and the therapy in this alcohol treatment have the same rhythm as the abuse treatment that is also taking place. There is a predominance of mixed abusers at Alfa-Fredensborg.

Youth Treatment


As a young you can get into the little kid treatment at Alfa-Fredensborg.

"If the employee wants to notice if the quality is good enough, one can imagine if one's own family members or best friends would thrive here"

Jørgen Maltesen

Leather, Alfa

“I came to Alfa, and was probably not quite ready to go for total abstinence. After a slight relapse, I noticed how much I needed it, and then chose to go "all in". This meant that I completed 3 months with enormous benefits, good friends and prepared for the future ”.


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